The students of Paragon are divided into fourteen colleges.
These colleges compete with each other and get points for academics, behavior and charity work.

Northern Division

1Emory9366 points
2North Carolina School of the Arts8730 points
3UCSC7966 points
4Rice7044 points
5Notre Dame5688 points

Southern Division

1LSU8865 points
2Florida7745 points
3Princeton6610 points
4Mizzou5445 points
5Wake Forest5375 points
6Hawaii5245 points
7Texas4630 points
8M.I.T.4095 points
9Texas A & M - Corpus Christi3450 points
10USC3400 points


Hello Colleges! 

It's a new year and we are ready to start things off right!  Last year's Northern Division was won by UCSC and the Southern Division was won by Wake Forest.  Congrats teams!

We have 2 new colleges this year - the Northern Division's Tulane has become Julliard with Ms. Freeman and Mrs. Lype leading and the Southern Division's Cambridge has become M.I.T. with Mr. Shoup!

Our first competition was at the Back to School Pool Party last Friday.  Here were the results:

Northern Division

Furthest Jump
1. Rori - Julliard & Darby - Rice
2. Medha - Emory
3. Emmet - Texas Tech

Biggest Splash
1. Andrew - Rice
2. Jaiden - Julliard & William - Emory
3. Adam - Texas Tech & Madison - UCSC

Most Creative
1. James - Texas Tech
2. Ayan - Emory
3. Alex - UCSC, Jia - Julliard & Zoie - Rice

Southern Division
Swim Relay
1. Texas & LSU
2. USC & Mizzou
3. Navy & MIT

Furthest Jump

1. Hawkins - Hawaii
2. Kenechi - TAMU-CC
3. Caroline - USC

Biggest Splash
1. William B - Navy & Hawkins - Hawaii
2. Aiden K - USC & Eric - TAMU-CC
3. Meyer - Wake Forest

Most Creative

1. William P - LSU
2. Nora F - Texas
3. Joe - Mizzou, Max - USC, & Simone - Wake Forest

Way to go, Colleges!  Next competition is the Claim the World for Paragon photos due next Friday, Sept 15th!


Welcome to the new year of colleges!

Last year ended with Mrs. Zucknick's Rice winning the Northern Division and Mr. Cash's Army winning the Southern Division.  Now to a brand new year with some changes.

The Southern Division has promoted Mr. Cash to the Southern Division College Advisor leaving Army to Mr. Joey (who has changed the college to Mizzou).  And Mr. Hathaway made up a new rule that if you end up in last place, you must change your name-- therefore leading Alaska to become Texas A&M - Corpus Christi (he likes to be called "CC!", not TAMU).

Our first challenge of the year was at the Back to School Pool Party.  Both divisions competed in a Big Splash, Longest Distance Jump, and Most Creative Jump and the Southern Division also added a swimming relay. 

The Claim the World for Paragon Photos will be tabulated next week and those scores will be added soon.  Look for updates! 

Our next challenge is Pirate Day! ARG! Dress up to earn points for your college!


Our annual Rock-Paper-Scissor contest was one for the record books!

Northern Division
Final Four
1st place - Akhil - Rice
2nd place - Max - Emory
Jacob - Emory
Sarah - Emory

Southern Division - a Hawaii sweep!!
Final Four
1st place - Lucca - Hawaii
2nd place - Ms. Hoskins - Hawaii
Malena - Hawaii
Abigail - Hawaii

Great job!!  Last competition of the year is Graduation! 


Congratulations, Cambridge!

6th grader Kate M has won this year's flag design contest!  Please congratulate her when you see her and Cambridge earns 1000 points!

Next competition is the Rock-Paper-Scissors Contest this Friday at Spring Fling!  Good luck!


We are winding down our year and heading into the home stretch for colleges!  Several contest amounts have been added to the leaderboard - KoRT and behavior, Italian Day, College Picture Contest and Star Wars Day!

The results of the College Picture Contest are:
Northern Division
1. Tulane
2. Rice

Southern Division
1. USC
2. Florida
3. Navy

The scores have been updated and our next competitions are the school flag design, Rock-Paper-Scissors, and graduation attendance!  Stay tuned!


Amendment to the earlier scores posting:

For the Legacy of Giving Can & Coat Drive, Army donated 884 cans and 9 coats, giving them a new point total of 974 points.  Also, Alaska donated 8 cans and 9 coats, giving them a 98 point total.

Both colleges retain their spots in the leaderboard, but the new point totals have been added.


3 Contests have finished and 3 contest scores have been added!  Here are the results:

Annual Candy Drive
Northern Division
1. UCSC          72 lbs
2. Rice             40 lbs
3. Texas Tech  39.2 lbs
4. Tulane         36.2 lbs
5. Emory         22 lbs

Southern Division
1. USC            102.2 lbs
2. Army            77.6 lbs
3. Navy             47.2 lbs
4. Florida          43.4 lbs
5. Hawaii          39.0 lbs
6. Cambridge    31.6 lbs
7. Alaska          30.2 lbs
8. Texas            28.4 lbs
9. Wake Forest 19.6 lbs
10. LSU            12.4 lbs

Great job bringing in all that candy!  We collected a total of 641.6 lbs of candy for Mobile Loaves and Fishes!  Way to go Knights!

This year's Fall Fest had great weather and great competition!  The results for the academic and athletic contests are:

Northern Division
1. UCSC            975 pts
2. Rice               825 pts
3. Texas Tech    680 pts
4. Tulane           600 pts
5. Emory           585 pts

Southern Division
1. USC              1100 pts
2. Texas            1025 pts
3. Cambridge    950 pts
3. Alaska           950 pts
5. Army             900 pts
6. LSU               875 pts
7. Navy              850 pts
8. Wake Forest  825 pts
9. Florida           800 pts
9. Hawaii           800 pts.

Each winner of the Fall Fest (UCSC & USC) was awarded 500 bonus points for winning Fall Fest!

Legacy of Giving - Can & Coat Drive

Northern Division
1. Texas Tech     675 cans + 1 coat = 685 pts
2. Rice              150 cans + 7 coats = 220 pts
3. Tulane           17 cans + 4 coats = 57 pts
4. Emory           30 cans + 2 coats = 50 pts
5. UCSC            10 cans + 1 coat = 20 pts

Southern Division
1. Army              207 cans + 9 coats = 297 pts + 677 cans = 974 pts
2. Wake Forest   147 cans + 10 coats = 247 pts
3. LSU                127 cans + 6 coats = 187 pts
4. USC                116 cans + 5 coats = 166 pts
5. Texas              130 cans + 2 coats = 150 pts
6. Cambridge        56 cans + 5 coats = 106 pts
7. Hawaii              64 cans + 1 coat = 74 pts
8. Alaska               8 cans + 5 coats = 58 pts
9. Navy                52 cans + 0 coats = 52 pts
10. Florida           50 cans + 0 coats = 50 pts

Way to go, Knights!  Next competition is the Paper Airplane Contest!!  Start practicing your designs!


Hello College Nation!

We have tallied points from our first dress up day of the year-- Pirate Day!  Colleges received points for dressing up and for our grade level costume contests. 

For the Prep colleges, Army gained the most amount of points with 274 for the day and Hawaii trailed close behind with 248 points!  Alaska brought up third with 224 points.

For Primary colleges, Texas Tech blew everyone else out of the water earning 215 points for the day and Rice trailed with 187 points.  UCSC brought up third place with 151 points.

Claim the World photos are still being counted-- so stay tuned for those results soon!

Next week:  Spirit Week!  Every college can earn BIG points for dressing up and winning costume contests!!


Claim the World Results have been tabulated!!

A new record of 591 photos of our Knights around the world were submitted this year!!  Thank you for all your submissions!  Here are the results:

Northern Conference
Most Photos Submitted - Rice (394)

Farthest Distance
1. Aadya (Texas Tech) in Dubai
2. Akhil (Rice) in Vienna
3. Lexie (Rice) in Brazil

Most Creative, in no particular order
1. Ian (Texas Tech) in Honolulu
2. Kishan (Emory) in London
3. Avery (Texas Tech) in Niagara Falls
4. Cale (Tulane) in Iceland
5. Lexie (Rice) in Costa Rica
6. Alex M (UCSC) in California
7. Lawson (Rice) in Scotland
8. Sean (UCSC) in Florida
9. Max (Emory) in Death Valley
10. Michael (Texas Tech) in Gatlinburg, TN

Southern Conference
Most Photos Submitted - Army (141)

Farthest Distance
1. Shashwath (Navy) & Shresta (Texas) in  India
1. (tie) Celia (Alaska) in India
2. Michelle (USC) in China
3. Ben F(LSU) & Isabelle (Florida) in Israel

Most Creative, in no particular order
1. Reese P (Hawaii) in Oahu
2. Ben F (LSU) in the Dead Sea
3. Lucca (Hawaii) in London
4. Jessy (Army) in Brazil
5. Bennett (Army) at Disney World
6. Patricia (Army) in Canada
7. Ben M (Cambridge), Sarah M (USC), Sarah H (Army), Will (Navy) in Ann Arbor, MI
8. Celia (Alaska) & Ava S (Florida) in London
9. Caroline (USC) in Amarillo, TX

Good job, colleges!!


The Northern Division has turned in their College Flags!

The results are in!  The most creative award goes to Emory!

Here are the top 3:
1. Emory - 600 points!
2. Rice - 300 points!
3. Texas Tech - 150 points!

Great job, artists!

The Southern Division's College Flag Design contest will happen soon!

Stay tuned!


Welcome to a new year of Colleges!

Our first competition at the pool was a point maker for some colleges, while others are struggling to get on the board!  For the Northern Division, Texas Tech ranked supreme with winning the Longest Jump and Most Creative jumps, while placing second in the Biggest Splash.  Tulane came in second with big points in the Biggest Splash and Most Creative.  Great job Northern Division!

In the Southern Division, we competed in a first ever 4 person swimming relay, which was exciting and gave way to many teams getting on the leaderboard.  UT and Army came out tied for first  for winning big in the relay as well as the Biggest Splash competitions.

Turn in those Claim the World photos for our next competition!  They are due next Friday!


Our annual Pennies for Patients contest results are in! 
Colleges did a great job raising over $2600 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!     A HUGE thank you to all students and parents who helped and contributed to this year's contest! 
Here are the results: 

Northern Division

1. Texas Tech    
2. Tulane
3. UC Santa Cruz
4. Harvard  

Southern Division
1. Wake Forest
2. Texas
3. LSU
4. Cambridge
5. Army
6. Hawaii
7. Navy
9. USC
10. Alaska  

Texas Tech and Wake Forest will enjoy the first place prize -- a trip to Olive Garden for lunch!  The date and time of this lunch trip is still being scheduled.  We will let you know as soon we confirm the date.     Congrats Texas Tech and Wake Forest!!


Minute to Win It Totals Are IN!

Both Northern and Southern college totals are up to date!  We are ready to start posting Pennies for Patients Updates!

Stay tuned for Pennies for Patients totals and bring in that change for your college!



The first week back after Winter Break and we celebrate Mr. McGrath's and Elvis' birthdays!

Students earned points for dressing up and winning costume contests. 
Here are the results from the day:

Northern Division

1. Texas Tech        143 points
2. Tulane                 79 points
3. UC Santa Cruz   78 points
4. Harvard              60 points

Southern Division

1. Hawaii             160 points
2. Cambridge      156 points
3. Wake Forest    145 points
4. LSU                104 points
5. Texas                92 points
6. Alaska              42 points
7. Army                26 points
8. Navy                20 points
8. UCONN          20 points
8. USC                20 points

Long live the King!!!


Our Annual Paper Airplane Contest was another exciting one!

The Northern Division was conquered by UC Santa Cruz and the Southern Division's Wake Forest was beat by Wake Forest!

Both colleges were awarded 1000 points for the win!

Also, Texas is awarded with an extra 300 points for the Geo Bee Winner, Chinmay!

Way to go Knights!


The Trimester 1 Behavior and Grades points have been tallied!  Colleges receive points for Positive Signatures as well as honor roll or earning our coveted Knights of the Round Table (KoRT) with an overall average of a 95% or higher.  Here are the results for Behavior and Grades:

Northern Division
1. UC Santa Cruz            438 points
2. Harvard                       425 points
3. Tulane                         367 points
4. Texas Tech                  271 points

Southern Division
1. Wake Forest               507 points
2. Texas                         361 points
3. Army                         359 points
4. Hawaii                      346 points
5. USC                          300 points
6. LSU                          284 points
7. UCONN                   276 points
8. Alaska                      250 points
9. Cambridge               182 points
10. Navy                      135 points

Great job Knights!


Fall Fest Results!!

Northern Division
1. Tulane                  975 points
2. Texas Tech           925 points
2. UC Santa Cruz     925 points
4. Harvard                875 points

Southern Division
1. Army                  1000 points
1. UCONN             1000 points
3. USC                     975 points
4. Navy                    950 points
5. Cambridge           900 points
5. Texas                   900 points
7. LSU                     875 points
8. Alaska                  850 points
8. Hawaii                 850 points
10. Wake Forest      800 points

Great job, colleges!  Everyone had a great time at Fall Fest and now we have our eyes set on the Can and Coat Drive!  Bring in those cans and coats before Nov 18th!


The results from the Candy Drive are in!!  We collected 502 lbs of candy!  Way to go, colleges!!

Northern Division
1. UCSC               63.6 lbs
2. Harvard            58.2 lbs
3. Texas Tech       56.8 lbs
4. Tulane                31 lbs

Southern Division
1. Wake Forest       57.8 lbs
2. Hawaii               34.2 lbs
3. USC                     33 lbs
4. Army                32.4 lbs
5. Cambridge       30.4 lbs
6. Navy                27.8 lbs
7. LSU                 25.6 lbs
8. Texas                 23 lbs
9. Alaska              17.2 lbs
10. UCONN           11 lbs

Next College Event - FALL FEST THIS FRIDAY!!!


The Northern (Primary) Division competed in a "Pin the Nose on the Knight!" game last Friday.  The points have been tabulated and here are the results:

1. Texas Tech   207 points
2. UCSC          195 points
3. Harvard       135 points
4. Tulane         134 points

Well done, colleges!  Our next meeting is the all day college competition-- FALL FEST next Friday!!!


For the Southern Division, the results are finally in!!

The college commissioner’s office is proud to announce the winner is Alaska!!!!  Celia’s design earns Alaska 600 points for first place!!  


Here are the top 4 flag design winners:

1.    Alaska, Celia Cowles " 600 points

2.    Navy, Annika Katz " 300 points

3.    Hawaii, Myles Vinson " 150 points




College Flag Contest Results


College Flags were hard to judge-- but the results are in!  All the students did a fantastic job!  The college commissioner’s office is proud to announce the winner is Harvard!!!!  Marco’s design earns Harvard 240 points for first place!!   Congrats, Harvard!

Here are the official results:

1.    Harvard                   240 points

2.    UCSC                         120 points

3.    Tulane                      60 points

4.    Texas Tech              30 points

The Southern Division flags will be judged Wednesday, October 15th and results will be posted soon after.


Hello Colleges! 

Claim the World photos have been counted!  A record 362 photos were submitted!  Thanks to all your submissions! 

Here are the results:
Northern Conference
Farthest Distance -
1. Nadia Bhaiwala (Texas Tech) - Tanzania - 14,396km
2. Weiran Jiang (Tulane) - Shanghai, China - 12,006km
3.  Cale Chappelear (Tulane) - Beijing, China - 11,438km

Most Photos Submitted - UCSC

Top 10 Most Creative, in no particular order -
1.  Jessy Ingersoll (UCSC) in Canada
2. Nadia Bhaiwala (Texas Tech) zip-lining in Utah
3. Amos Seidemann (UCSC) with a banana slug
4. Michael Rendon (Texas Tech) & Madison Cherry (Harvard) at the KXAN Studio
5. Reese Pham (UCSC) swimming with a dolphin
6. Marco Repetto (Harvard) in Venice, Italy
7. Ellie Mattox (Tulane) para sailing
8. Cale Chappelear (Tulane) in Beijing, China
9.  Lauryn Luther (Tulane) and Mrs. Luther (Tulane) in the Lazy River at Schlitterbahn
10.  Logan Donovan (Texas Tech) in Dallas, TX

Southern Division

Farthest Distance -
1. Azeem Bhaiwala (Army)- Tanzania - 14,396km
2. Claire Miller (Alaska) - New Zealand - 11,494km
3. Natasha Richtermeyer (Texas) - Monaco - 8,807km

Most Photos Submitted - LSU

Top 10 Most Creative
, in no particular order -
1. Azeem Bhaiwala (Army) at Glacier National Park
2. Liam McGrath (Cambridge) in Williamsburg, VA
3. Alyssa Smyth (LSU) at Six Flags in San Antonio
4. Kate Mattox (Cambridge) para sailing
5.  Noah Currie (Army) in Florence, Italy
6. Miles Dommisse (USC), Shashwath Keta (Navy), Azeem Bhaiwala (Army), & Noah Currie (Army) at Hot Lava
7. Claire Miller (Cambridge) in New Zealand
8. Ben McHorse (UCONN) in England
9. Max Stein (Texas) at Old Faithful
10. Sarah Helmbrecht (Army) in New York City

Great job Colleges!


Hello Paragon Colleges!  Welcome to a brand new year!

We have separated our conferences this year, so the Primary campus is the Northern Conference and the Prep campus is the Southern Conference.  They will have different events and leaderboards, which will give us 2 champions at the end of the year!

Tabulations are underway for our first competition - Claim the World for Paragon.  We will get those scores up as soon as possible.  Also, the scores from our fight song competition and diving contests.  Check back soon to see which colleges are leading the way!


Competition was fierce this year and lots of fun.  Competition: Graduation was a huge success with every seat in the Sanctuary taken!  And there were more Primary students in attendance than ever!!  Way to go, college leaders!

Here is the breakdown of the night's winners:
UC Santa Cruz      700 pts
USC                     600 pts 
Texas Tech           480 pts
Army                   360 pts  tie!
Wake Forest         360 pts  tie!
Hawaii                 340 pts
Cambridge           240 pts  tie!
Navy                   240 pts  tie!
Harvard               220 pts  tie!
Texas                  220 pts  tie!
Yale                    220 pts  tie!
LSU                    120 pts
Alaska                   0  pts
UCONN                 0  pts

Which means-- the 2013-14 College Champion is.....UC Santa Cruz!  Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone for helping out with colleges-- giving input, participating, having fun and being the glue that holds it all together. 

See you next year!

Lindsay Hay
College Commissioner


Our last 2 competitions have kept the leaderboard interesting going down to the final 10 days of Colleges.

Star Wars Day was a big hit for Alaska who pulled out in first place in amount of members dressing up (for both conferences) and winning the most amount of costume contests!  In the Northern Conference, Texas Tech won the day with the most amount of members dressing up and winning the most amount of costume contests!  Great job!

Our Annual Rock-Paper-Scissors Contest was an exciting one!  For the Northern Conference, our final four -- UCSC's Sofie & Kayla, Harvard's Amal, and Texas Tech's Ana all won points for their college.  It came down to UCSC's 4th grader Sofie vs. Harvard's 2nd grader Amal for the win.  Sofie prevailed winning the coveted $20 award and Amal was honored with the traditional can of SPAM.

For the Southern conference,  the final four-- Hawaii's Miles, Navy's Hayden, USC's Ella, and Alan from Wake Forest-- all won points for their college.  The final RPS battle was between Hawaii's 7th grader Miles and Navy's 7th grader Hayden.   Miles won the first prize, a $20 bill, and Hayden was awarded the traditional can of SPAM and a $2 bill. 

Well done, colleges!  And don't give up!  Our last competition is attendance at graduation.  Each college member who attends graduation (8th graders are ineligible) will earn 100 points!  If that college member is also dressed up, an extra 20 points will be added!

Good luck!


Happy Fat Tuesday and Texas Independence Day!

To wrap up Pennies for Patients, Southern Conference's Wake Forest swept the competition in the last 10 minutes of the contest and UC Santa Cruz won the Northern Conference with steady increases over the 2 week contest.

Wake Forest and UC Santa Cruz will be rewarded with 500 points for their college and a field trip lunch to Olive Garden!  And even more exciting, Paragon raised over $3400 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!

Congrats, Wake Forest and UC Santa Cruz!

Today, we had a dress up day for college points.  The Southern Conference dressed up for Mardi Gras and the Northern Conference dressed as Texans to celebrate Texas Independence Day with a party. 

All colleges earned points today for dressing up and caused a little movement on the leaderboard.  Our next college competition will be Friday, March 21st! 


Hello colleges!

We are at the end of the first week of the Pennies for Patients contest.  Still one week to go!

As of Thursday, here are the totals:
Northern Conference
Harvard      -3076
Texas Tech -11407
UCSC          2353
Yale            -3709

UC Santa Cruz is leading the pack so far with the only positive score!

Southern Conference
Alaska          -778
Army             210
Cambridge   -942
Hawaii           304
LSU                -55
Navy               512
Texas              730
UCONN         712
USC                211
Wake Forest -2625

Texas has come out swinging after UCONN originally had first place!

The Northern Conference has raised $784.64 and the Southern Conference has raised $193.27 total.

There is still one week to go!  Good luck, colleges!!


The college food drive was a huge success!  Having an extra weekend to gather food helped every college out!  The last day had an overwhelming push from the Southern Division (Koenig campus) colleges. 

Here are the last day top 3 (only includes Monday's donation):
1.  Army            405
2. Wake Forest  231
3.  Hawaii         144

And more importantly, Paragon as a school is donating 2216 items of food to the Capital Area Food Bank!  Way to go, Knights!  Thank you for supporting a worthy charity.

On the leaderboard, Army's first place win has catapulted them into second place only 349 points behind our long time leader, Texas Tech.  Other movement on the board includes Harvard and UCONN moving down 1 place and UC Santa Cruz moving up a spot only 12 points behind 6th place Cambridge.  Even though all teams received points, not much movement on the lower part of the leaderboard. 

Now it's time to get ready for Pennies for Patients!  Our annual penny collection challenge begins February 10th!  More information coming in your next college meeting on Friday, February 7th.


Elvis has left the building!

Our Elvis Day was celebrated with an Elvis impersonator, Twinkies, and a costume contest.  Here's a breakdown of points earned for Elvis Day:

Northern Conference

1. Texas Tech  143 pts (They placed 6 winners in the costume contests!)
2. Yale              79 pts (2 winners in the costume contest)
3. UCSC          78 pts (2 winners in the costume contest)
4. Harvard       60 pts (2 winners in the costume contest)

Southern Conference
1. Alaska           188 pts   (This win helped Alaska move from 13th place to 11th!)
2. Navy              152 pts  (From 14th place, they almost won the most points in this contest!)
3. UCONN        103 pts (Moved up a spot to overall 3rd!)
4. Texas              95 pts
5. LSU               74 pts
6. Cambridge     68 pts
7. Hawaii           52 pts
8. Wake Forest  46 pts
9. Army             41 pts
10. USC            25 pts

Our next college meeting is Friday, Jan 17th!


New scores are in!  The Annual Paper Airplane Contest and Hula Hoop Championship both end in ties!

UCONN's Shaine and Wake Forest's Lauren owned the Hula Hoop Contest even after Mr. McGrath had them balance on one foot and hop.  Both UCONN and Wake Forest were awarded 500 points, catapulting UCONN into 2nd place from 6th!  And Wake Forest jumped from 10th place to 6th.  Way to go, girls!

The Annual Paper Airplane Contest had some high flying winners!  USC's Coach Bobby wound up his arm like he was throwing a baseball!  He had the longest flight by far, until Hawaii's stand-in leader, Mr. Foster, threw another long flyer tying USC.  USC and Hawaii flew their way to a tie with both 500 points, driving USC from 11th place to 7th!  Hawaii floated their way from 13th place to 11th.

Great job, colleges!

Our next challenge:  Elvis Day on January 8th.  Dress up for Elvis Day and you will earn points for your college!  It is still anyone's game!


This just in!

Texas' Chinmay wins the Geo Bee for the second year in a row and earns Texas 300 points!  Way to go, Chinmay!


This year's annual Fall Fest, also named the "2013 Hamburger Bowl" was the best in history.  Primary and Prep students competed in morning academic challenges and afternoon athletic competitions. 

Fall Fest Standings after 12 rounds of competition:
1.  Wake Forest - 1100 points (they also won last year's Fall Fest-- a Fall Fest Dynasty in the making!)
2.  Cambridge - 1050 points
3.  Texas - 1000 points
4.  Harvard - 976 points
5.  Army - 950 points -TIE-
5.  USC - 950 points -TIE-
7.  Yale - 926 points
8. Hawaii - 900 points
9.  Alaska - 850 points
10.  UCONN - 800 points
11.  UC Santa Cruz - 764 points
12.  LSU - 750 points -TIE-
12.  Navy - 750 points -TIE-

Good job colleges!  These points have been added to your score! 

Our next college meeting is our college Thanksgiving feast on Friday November 22nd.


Candy Drive Results!
After weighing a whopping 511pounds of candy, the winner is:
Harvard with 84.8 pounds!
2. UC Santa Cruz - 69.4 lbs
3. Texas Tech - 60.4 lbs
4. Army - 44.6 lbs
5. Yale - 40 lbs
6. Alaska - 38.4 lbs
7.  Hawaii - 30.4 lbs
8. Cambridge - 23.4 lbs (tie)
8.  UCONN - 23.4 lbs (tie)
10.  Texas - 23.0 lbs
11.  Navy - 22.2 lbs
12.  USC - 21.8 lbs
13.  Wake Forest - 15.8 lbs
14.  LSU - 13.2 lbs

Well done, colleges!  Next up: FALL FEST THIS FRIDAY!


Winners of the Staring Contest (100 points!):
Wake Forest
Texas Tech

Our next contest is the Halloween Candy Drive.  Bring your candy in on Friday for college points!


Claim the World for Paragon Photo Contest Results

After combing through a record 341 photos, the results are in!

Congratulations to Army who won several categories in this contest!  Not only did they have the most photos (only beating UC Santa Cruz by 3 photos!), but they won four of the top ten photos.  Way to go Army!

The furthest distance from Paragon was a close one-- 1st place went to Emma Benson (Cambridge) in Liajiang, China.  2nd place is Ryan Rogers (Alaska) who was pictures in Taipei, Taiwan and 3rd place goes to Jacob Roth (USC) for his picture in Jordan.

Top 10 photos (in no particular order)
1.  Max (UC Santa Cruz) & Cosmo (Texas Tech) Kim - Tulsa, OK
2. Azeem Bhaiwala (Army) - Tahoe, CA
3. Ingrid Kinney (Army) - Nuremberg, Germany
4. Josh (Army) & Kara (USC) Nutson - Paris, France
5. Ben Fern (LSU) - White Fish, Montana
6.  Jacob (UCONN) & Jason (USC) Lewis - 25' under the Caribbean Sea
7.  Max (Harvard) & Maya (Alaska) Lain - Yellowstone, WY
8.  Jessy Ingersoll (UC Santa Cruz) - Niagra Falls, NY
9. Kira (Alaska) & Ava (Harvard) Schultz - Hawaii
10.  Bennett Buchanan (Army) - Unknown Location

All photos will be on display soon.

Contest Points Results:

1. Army - 1007
2. Cambridge - 622
3.  UC Santa Cruz - 504
4. Alaska - 417
5. USC - 220
6. Texas Tech - 191
7. Harvard - 134
8.  LSU - 130
9. UCONN - 73
10.  Yale - 19
11.  Texas - 11
12.  Hawaii - 6
13.  Navy - 4
14.  Wake Forest - 3

Our next college meeting is October 25th!


The College Flag Design was a tough one to judge.  So many great designs!  Here are the results:

1st place - LSU
2nd place tie - UCONN & Wake Forest
3rd place - UC Santa Cruz

Great job colleges!  Our next competition is October 25th.


Day 2 of Spirit Week - Sports Day!

Texas Tech again has dominated with earning 267 points today!  Check the leaderboard for the latest scores and our Shutterfly account for pics from yesterday's Crazy Hat and Shoe day.

Tomorrow is Character Day!  Good Luck!


The Egg/Water Balloon Toss was a riot!  The Northern Division had a close water balloon toss ending with Texas Tech in first place, Harvard in second and Yale in third.

The Egg Toss in the Southern Division was a nail-bitter!  USC and Cambridge tied after attempting 3 tie breakers.  The Commissioner's Office had to go to the videotape to find the second place and third places!  UCONN won second and Alaska, Wake Forest, Navy, LSU, and Army tied for third.

Today begins Spirit Week!  Check back daily for new college point totals!


The Northern Division competed in a game called "The Electric Game" to start off the year.  Yale won first place with 60 points, Harvard won second with 40 points and UC Santa Cruz won third with 20 points.

The Southern Division kicked off the season with the Fight Song competition.  Alaska won first place and was awarded 60 points.  Wake Forest came in second with 40 points and LSU earned third with 20 points.

Videos of both competitions will be available on our YouTube channel soon!

The next competition is this Friday!


For our first 2013-14 College Contest...Claim the World for Paragon!
Be sure to get your summer Paragon Flag pictures sent in to enter the contest.  All pictures received before September 1st will have a chance to win points for your college!


Last Friday was our annual Awards Ceremony, Primary Music Performance, and Spring Fling. 

For the prep students - the college competition was the Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament.  For the primary students - a bowling competition.  Two close competitions - 2 colleges won 300 points:

Seventh grader Andi Weyland won the Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament for Hawaii.
Third grader Max Kim won the bowling high score of the day for Texas Tech.

Hawaii's rank moves from 10th place to 8th place with Andi's help!  And Texas Tech holds firm at 5th place-- now just less than 200pts behind USC.

The next (and last) college competition is attendance at our 8th grade graduation.  Each college receives 100pts per student attending this years' graduation.  An extra 20pts will be awarded to each student for dressing up!  Let's say goodbye to our 8th graders and earn some college points, too!


We celebrated Star Wars Day on May 6th - Beware of the Sith Day!  Colleges were awarded points for dressing in Star Wars costumes and attire.  First place went to 5th grade's UC Santa Cruz (600 pts!), second went to 5th grade Army (300 pts) and third place went to Texas Tech (100 pts).

Our next challenge is the Rock, Paper, Scissors competition on Friday, May 10th!  1...2...3...Shoot!


The 16th Annual Paragon Flag Design Contest was a close one!  Sixth grader Lilly Sellers won the best design and earned her college 1000 points! 

Lilly's flag will be printed and sent to Paragon students to take with them on all their travels this summer to kick off the first competition of next school year - Claim the World for Paragon!

Congratulations, Lilly and USC!


College challenges are heating up as we head into the last few weeks of school!  We just wrapped up Italian Day and 4 colleges tied for first: Army, UC Santa Cruz, UCONN, and Texas Tech.  Alaska took second and Yale came in third.

The 16th annual Paragon Flag Design contest ends today with a 1000 college point reward for the winning college.  Stay tuned for updates!